Nowadays, Powerpoint presentations represent a standard in classrooms. However, a new and innovative tool called Prezi is increasingin popularity and may replace PowerPoint in a few years.


Characteristics and values

The mains characteristic of Prezi is that it helps you create presentations with the structure of mind maps. It creates presentations that are not linear like the PowerPoint ones. On Prezi, you can interconnect your ideas and they are shown in a dynamic 3D display. According to their website, Prezi has values such as creativity, ideas sharing, style and simplicity. This is why they created this easy, stylish and dynamic interface.

Ease of use

Prezi is a very intuitive software and takes only a little time to master. On their website, several tutorial videos are available. Another advantage of Prezi is that user’s presentations can be stored in their server and is accessible from everywhere. This server is called The Cloud. Prezi can also be controlled with iPads, iPods, and similar platforms. After reading this article, I am convinced that this software is the most convenient for teaching purposes.

In classroom

Powerpoint presentations can be redundant and too still. I myself find them boring. Using Prezi in class can increase students’ motivation and raise their level of attention. It makes them see links between ideas because of the interactive transitions provided by the software. Prezi also encourages the use of pictures and colors. This feature is also good for student’s attention. It is now possible to create a pdf out a Prezi presentation, but the results are not as good as with PowerPoint, because you do not structure a Prezi in pages. I would suggest the teachers who want to send their presentations to their student make a text document with the content of their Prezi.


  • Artistic
  • Dynamic and modern
  • Makes clear linked between ideas
  • Available on the cloud


  • Can look less serious than a powerpoint presentation
  • Presentations loose their features when exported in pdf


I think that Prezi is a great software and teachers should give it a try, because their student can benefit a lot from it. They may get really inspired by a visual support that is that dynamic and that creative.