upper school active board

IWB (Interactive white boards) are an important tool for teaching these days and will not stop gaining importance in the future. As a future teacher, it is my duty to find ways to integrate this technology in my classroom and to be aware of the difference that it makes for learners.

IWB can be used in different ways in school depending on the subject of the course. Specific tools are available for subjects like math and science. As an ESL teacher, I think that I will use my interactive board on a regular basis mostly for its dynamic visual, but by searching a little bit on different websites, I found different IWB activities and resources made specifically for English learning.

Dynamic visual

Students are hoping their teachers to be dynamic and to be interesting. Instead of writing on a blackboard, giving a class by using an IWB in class can make an important difference for student’s attention. The most basic feature of an IWB is the possibility to operate a computer by standing up in front of the class. I would for sure prioritize this kind of use rather than going back and forth on the computer to scroll down or to change powerpoint slides. This concept keeps the students from being distracted. It keeps their attention on a central spot and it is good. It is well explained on this blog article from Royalbert that sleepy students are entertained by IWB and tells how effectively it can increase students’ attention.

Online activities

During my search, I found a bunch of great online activities for spelling and alphabet in English on a website named Teacherled, you can find different application of whiteboard activities for Maths, Geography and English! Here’s an example of a spelling activity that can by found and this website. I like the ease of use of that kind of activity. There is no download or installation required and it may come in handy IWB beginners. A great thing about this way of teaching is that it increases students’ retention and comprehension.

Student participation

I also learned about ways to have the students work on a whiteboard. Of course it is difficult to have more than one student at a time in front of the class working on the board, but it can lead to great team activities in class. I have found a great Google Docs presentation on Boxoftricks.net website that suggests 33 ways of using IWB in classroom. A high number of ways is about the students using the board. It even tells tips to help the students write on the board if they are too tall enough! That website gave me ideas like having the students play trivia games in team and they have to go click on the right answer on the board after consultation. Doing that kind of activities increases student’s motivation is that is why I want to use them.


After my research, I discovered new ideas to integrate IWB in my teaching. I plan to use my whiteboard mainly to give more dynamic classes, but I will also use several online applications to help retention and I will make my students work on the board as well to make them participation and be active in their learning.