Language teachers have a responsibility of teaching culture in the classrooms because of the various aspects of language. To know a language, it is important to know its historical and geographical contexts. I choose to write this blog article on an online program called StatWorld that can help a teacher when having to teach with maps for example. I discovered this program because of a blog article posted on

StatWorld is software developed by StatSilk for educational purposes. It contains a large database of statistics of all kinds. For example, there is information about economy and development, education, environment, gender, health, language, politic and population. Of course, history and geography teachers will use this tool more than an English teacher, but it can be a useful resource for different situations. An example of project where I would get my students involved with this resource would be a research and oral presentation on different countries and provinces. The students could use the program to find important information and then present it to the rest of the class with a dynamic display. Other ideas to use StatWorld can be found on a blog article from Scott Nailor, posted on

Overall, this online program is not really hard to use and is interactive as well as dynamic. At first, I had a bit of trouble using the menus, but I’ve been able rapidly to use it without having difficulty.  Working with StatWorld on an Interactive White Board is a great idea. Teachers should give it a try when it comes to use maps and statistics in class.


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StatSilk has also developed other problem of the same type but more for a professional use than Statsilk, which is better for education. Their most famous software is StatPlanet, an award-winning program used by organizations such as NASA, Siemens and Samsung.