Pinterest is a free social network where users can “pin” content to their online bulletin board. An article on Edudemic website gives several examples of content to pin on Pinterest. A teacher can pin pictures, quotes, lectures, notes, research material, etc. I think that Pinterest is a good looking website and is great to share ideas and links in order to interest students in learning. This blog article will be about how I plan to use Pinterest as a teacher.


Current events

I believe that one of the roles of a second language teacher is to share cultural knowledge with students. That is why I think that a good way to use Pinterest is to pin English journal article to keep students well informed on current events. Pinterest’s attractive design can motivate students in reading those articles, especially when it is a suggestion that comes from their teachers. I learned from this blog article that important journals such as Wall Street journal and National Geographic are members of Pinterest. It is then easy for teachers to simply pin what they have seen on these bulletin boards.



Pinterest offers the possibility to be linked with your students via a community. That way, students can see your posts and you can se theirs as well. Is it also possible to comment posts and it may create interesting discussions between students and you. By commenting on your posts, students can prove you that they have read it and can be proud of themselves knowing that you are aware of their interest. There is an infographic on this blog article that expains briefly how a community on Pinterest works.


Classroom ideas (posters, activity, arts and craft)

I mentioned above different ways of using Pinterest with students, but one my favorite way to use this website is between teachers. With a simple keyword, I found a ton of idea for projects to do with students! For elementary teachers, a whole bunch of arts and crafts activities are available. Teachers from all around the world share their ideas with other teachers in order to help them with their own classrooms. For ESL teachers, I found a lot of posters for grammar, idioms, vocabulary and more. Click here to see examples.

I recommend this website to teachers who are looking for original ideas posted by other teachers and also suggest to push it a little further by inviting students to form a community.