During my practicum with secondary 3 students, I assigned them an activity of song writing in teams of three and offered them to present their song either by singing in front of the class or by making a music video. My big surprise what was every team decided to make a video, even though it required more work. I understand that most of them weren’t comfortable with the idea of singing in front of the class, but I didn’t expect that they were that proficient with video technology and were interested in adding an extra value to their project by integrating videos effects, transitions, titles, etc. Also, they all have intelligent cell phone that can film in HD and some of them have standard video cameras.

After that experience, I’ve seen the student’s potential of creativity regarding videos and I told myself: What if they could be evaluated more often from videos? It is even easier to correct than oral presentation because we can watch them several times to be able to evaluate clearly.

As written in this article, using applications like iMovie with students strongly enhances motivation. I chose to write about iMovie because I am a Mac user and found out how great it is for students. I wrote previously about iPad apps in classroom and one other reason why I chose iMovie is that it is available on iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and of course Mac computers. Apple present on this page the advantages of bringing iMovie to mobile devices. I am pretty sure that if you split students in teams of 3 or 4, at least of the team members has one of those devices. They can even film directly on those devices. That means that if they have those in class, you could have them make complete videos while staying in class! 

Teachers can also use iMovie to give lessons in class. It is a lot better than PowerPoint in terms of dynamism and it has the advantage to be accessible at home. It is easy to put a video on youtube that is available only for those who have the link. In other words, the video can be private for your students. This article explains that Youtube has become for students the first search engine for information. They can feel that their school lesson fits perfectly in their every day life. The link given above also gives others ideas for specific use of iMovie in classroom.

iMovie is super simple to use and provides a rich bank of soundtracks, video and sound effects and more. That makes the difference on a video and it makes it professional. Here are a few tutorial videos for using iMovie. 

I highly recommend using video software with students because I realized how much they enjoyed it and were good at it. iMovie is my pick for availability, quality and easiness, but other software can work just fine if you don’t like Apple Product.

(Here’s a funny video to convince you!)